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Important Public Safety Warning from SLPD

Lock Your Cars and Homes at All Times

Our community, and many other areas throughout NJ, are experiencing a raft of high-end motor vehicle thefts.   A car was stolen from the driveway of a Spring Lake resident last night.  You can protect yourself and your family from becoming a victim of this ring by simply locking your cars and homes. All of the vehicles that have been stolen in Spring Lake over the last several years have been unlocked cars with the key fob in the vehicle.

Here is how it works: A group of four or more car thieves are dropped off in town during the night. The thieves will walk our neighborhoods, checking for unlocked vehicles with the keys in them. Most recently, these thieves have entered unlocked homes to take the key fob from inside the home to steal the vehicle. The single best defense against this crime is to lock your cars and homes at all times. Chief Kerr reminds residents not to confront these criminals under any circumstances. Call SLPD immediately if you are concerned about suspicious activity or suspect that someone is trying to steal your vehicle. As always, the SLPD will respond immediately to your call. Please do not delay contacting the SLPD because you are concerned that it might be a false alarm. Our officers are committed to the safety of our residents and visitors and have the experience to handle any situation that may arise. Thank you for your attention to this issue.




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