Weather Update 10/01/2015

There is potential for some severe weather the next few days, including high winds, heavy rain, big surf, and the likelihood of some flooding.  While the path of Hurricane Joaquin is still uncertain, the Borough is taking precautions and we urge you and your family to be prepared as well.

Move all porch and deck furniture, flags, trash cans and other outdoor items to a secure location.  If you live in a low lying area, consider moving your cars to a safer area.  Now is the time to be sure your generator is working and you have flashlights and batteries in case of a power outage.  If you do need to report a downed line, please call JCPL Hotline at 1-800-544-4877.

We will update you as more accurate information becomes available.  The Borough offices are open today and tomorrow as usual and the Spring Lake PD is available 24x7 at 732-449-1234.