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Mission Statement:  Our mission is to plan and maintain shade trees along our streets and within our parks and public spaces in a manner that physically, economically and esthetically benefits the community in the most effective manner possible.

The Spring Lake Shade Tree Committee is comprised of resident volunteers.  We believe that healthy trees are an asset to our community and help preserve and protect our quality of life.  Working as a team with the Borough Administrator and the Department of Public Works we assist in planning for the planting and care of shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubbery located in public parks or right of ways throughout the Borough.  We meet monthly and welcome new members.  Please contact Borough Hall at 732-449-0800 if you would like to join. 

Memorial Tree Program:

 Information for Memorial Tree Program

 Sign up form - Memorial Tree Program

Recognizing Tree Risk

Why are shade trees important? 

     * Increase Property Value

* Keep Temperatures Cooler

     * Improve Air Quality

* Control Soil Erosion

     * Create a Habitat for Wildlife

* Beautify Our Town

     * Curb Noise in Local Areas

* Maintain a Calming Environment

     * Improve Aesthetics

How much does a tree cost?

Free!  The Shade Tree Committee has funds provided through building permits, grants and other resources.  Trees planted through the Shade Tree Committee are free.  You have a responsibility to care for your tree.

How do I request a new tree?

Submit a tree request form either on line or pick up a form at the Borough Hall.  Completed forms must be submitted before December 31st for planting in the following Spring.

What types of trees are available?

The Shade Tree Committee along with the NJ Department of Forestry has created a list of recommended trees for SpringLake.  The space available in your right of way, surrounding neighborhood, power lines and availability will govern the actual tree chosen for your site.

Permitted Trees for planting along the streets in the right of way include: (Click on species for pictures and additional information)

Autumn Flame Red Maple, Autumn Gold Ginkgo, Bloodgood London Planetree, Ginkgo or Maidenhair Tree, Green Mountain Silver Linden, Green Vase Japanese Zelkova,Imperial Honeylocust, Northern Red Oak, October Glory Red Maple, Pin Oak, Red Sunset Red Maple,  Redmond American Linden, Shademaster Honeylocust, Silver Linden, Skyline Honeylocust, Swamp White OakVilliage Green Japanese Zelkova.

When will I get my tree?

The Department of Public Works will plant a large scale planting in the Spring before Memorial Day - weather permitting.  You will be notified beforehand and a member of the Department of Public Works will need to meet with you to discuss where it will be placed.  The Department of Public Works will order a utility mark up of your site prior to planting.

How do I care for my tree?

You will be given detailed instructions when the tree is planted.  You will be responsible to keep the tree watered and protected by mulch.  Proper care for the first three (3) years is critical to your tree's survival.

What if I have a tree in my right of way that needs to be removed?

Along with planting trees the Shade Tree Committee is committed to keeping SpringLake's tree stock healthy.  The Department of Public Works and the Shade Tree Committee will do everything possible to remove unhealthy trees but will not be held responsible for their removal.  If you have a tree that is a potential hazard we advise you to take immediate action and contact a licensed arborist for its removal.

Care of Newly Planted Tree:

pdf Tree Request Form (239 KB)

  pdf Pazienza Park Tree Assessment Report (2.09 MB)

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