Spring Lake's Recreation Department strives to enhances the quality of life for the members of our community through diverse, year-round leisure opportunities. The department helps develop and maintain quality parks and facilities, to preserve open/natural spaces, and to provide recreational programming intended to enhance the physical, social and emotional well-being of our residents. Our objective is to offer safe, fun, and memorable recreational experiences.

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Basketball Clinic: This clinic teaches the most basic fundamentals of the game of basketball to its yougnest players and is taught by Patti Mabrey. Clinic is held Wednesday nights at the Mountz Gym. April 11th-May 16th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For children grades K-4. pdf Basketball Clinic (173 KB)

Marine Science Camp: Marine science program is a "hands on, feet wet" marine and environmental education based learning experience. Camp activities incldue: marine ecology education, water quality sampling and testing, seining, sieving, plant and animal identification and environmental awareness. Offered in 4 sessions for children grades K-5 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. pdf Marine Science Camp (472 KB)

SST Summer Camp: The camp is aimed to develop each player in the four pillars of the game: technical, tactical, psychological, and physical. Trainers will also work with teams to develop both defensive and attacking knowledge. Camp runs from August 6th through August 9th for children 3-5 years old from 5-6:30 pm and children 6-16 years old from 5-8 pm. pdf SST Summer Camp (472 KB)

SST Tots Program: This program is a fun filled soccer environment in which young players are introducted to basic fundamental skills of soccer. Program runs from April 13 to May 18 (Friday's) from 1-2 pm for children 3-5 years old. pdf SST Tots Program (76 KB)

Intro to Platform Tennis: Instructional clinic designed to help adults learn the fundamentals of the sport and prepare each participant for organized play. Starting February 3rd. pdf Intro to Platform Tennis (652 KB)

Platform Tennis Clinic Part 2: Clinic designed to help adults continue to learn the sport and prepare each participant for organized play. This session is NOT for beginners but for partifipants who have had the intro clinic or are not new to the sport. Beginning February 3rd. pdf Platform Tennis Clinic Part 2

Paddle Court Permits:  Reservations for playing time may be made up to forty-eight (48) hours in advance by accessing the online reservation system at: Community pass. pdf Click here for registration instructions.  (145 KB) Reserved playing time will be assigned on the hour and will be issued on a first come first serve basis for a maximum of two (2) hours. Cost for usage is $8.00 per hour per court.  Courts are open at 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.  **Permit holders may pick up the key for the court from the Spring Lake Police Station located at 311 Washington Avenue.**

Tennis Permits: Spring Lake Recreation now offers online reservations and payment in partnership with Community Pass. The reservation period is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Before you register for the first time, you will be asked to set up a family account that you will use for all reservations. Once you have done this, you then  can select the date, time and court and complete the online reservation. You can pay by credit card or e-check. Cost for usage is $2.00 per hour per court.

  pdf 2018 Summer Recreation Employment Application (302 KB) - Employment applications are due by April 15th.

  pdf 2018 Summer Recreation Volunteer Application (295 KB)






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